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Get the look you want with tile

Tile is often the flooring choice for those who want a very elegant look while not breaking the bank. It can also be the right choice for those who want the look of natural resources, but need a bit more versatility. The “real thing” won’t stand up to nearly the amount of traffic that tile will.

Types of tile

Tile comes in both ceramic as well as porcelain. While there is quite a bit of controversy as to the differences between the two, it’s really quite simple. Porcelain will not absorb nearly as much water as ceramic tile will.

Porcelain is also more dense than ceramic, as they are made with different types of clay. Since porcelain is harder than ceramic, it is definitely the better of the two in terms of durability. Not only will it hold up under heavier traffic without chipping or scuffing, it also fares better if chipped.

A chipped tile is very noticeable because the color is not the same inside. Porcelain, on the other hand, can be chipped with no change to the color at all.

DIY or professional tile installation?

Tile can be a tough flooring option to base a DIY project on. Because of the density, it’s very easy to chip or break tile, especially if you are using porcelain. This can make a decently priced flooring project turn into an expensive one quickly.

If you chip or break the tile in the attempt to set it, you will have to replace those pieces. Furthermore, if you break a great many of them, you might then have to turn to a professional after all. When all is said and done, it’s much easier, and much cheaper, to go with a professional installation from the start.

What’s the lease expensive tile option?

Overall, ceramic tile is always cheaper than porcelain, in terms of product price. As a matter of fact, in almost every circle, ceramic can be as much as fifty percent less. However, you must take everything into consideration when thinking about the pricing.

For instance, which is cheaper to repair? Which is more likely to need repairing more often? Are there any special sealants needed? What will maintaining the tile cost, and how often will that need to be done? All of these questions have their place when you are choosing your tile options.

You don’t have to choose tile alone

If you aren’t sure what your exact needs are, feel free to contact Perrysburg Floor Covering & Design. Not only do we know tile, we’re always here to serve you at our showroom in Rossford, OH.